What if you could become a better guitar player?

I know you sometimes wonder whether or not you can improve your guitar playing, if it is even possible to become a better guitar player. A few of the following statements almost certainly apply to you:

  • Have you tried ‘guitar lessons’ in the past that were frustrating and left you wondering if you would ever be able to play the guitar?
  • Do you wish you could consistently progress with your guitar playing? Are you wanting to take your guitar playing to the next level?
  • Do you want to be able to play your guitar with confidence?
  • Do you want to be confident that you are learning the right things, the right way at the right time?
  • Have you been meaning to play guitar your whole life and never really got around to it?

Then give me a couple of minutes to explain to you how we can help you become the guitar player you want to be...

We specialise in taking 'normal' people and crafting them into the guitar player that they want to be, a guitar player of their own design

We don't believe in talent. We believe know for a fact, that when someone who wants to play the guitar has:

  • the ambition
  • the right things to practice
  • in the right order to practice
  • someone to coach them through the process
  • the right environment

that they will become the guitar player that they want to be.


So why do so many people struggle with the guitar for so long? A lot of people approach the guitar with the motivation to practice, but they are missing the other pieces. Have you ever found yourself asking these questions:

  • What should I practice next?
  • Am I practising this correctly?
  • Am I making a mistake?
  • How do I fix this mistake?
  • Is this all there is?
  • Do I need to learn theory?

We are willing to bet that you have asked yourself these questions a lot. Would you agree that if you had certain answers to these questions, you would progress at your guitar playing quickly and painlessly? The only possible answer is yes, you would.

We remember what it was like to learn guitar... do any of these points sound familiar?

We’ve been where you are. We remember the frustration that you feel when you are trying to play your guitar, and you can’t master what you are trying to learn (whether it be a song, scale, riff, etc), and how it makes you feel when you don’t understand why you can’t play it correctly - after all, everyone else makes it look so easy!

We remember the uncertainty that we felt, when trying to work out what we should be learning next - should we work on a new song, a new lesson from YouTube or something from our favourite guitar magazine? Should we revise something else? We remember having to guess, or whimsically choose what to practice... and that feeling at the back of our mind, wondering if this is the right thing for us to be working on... or if it will really hold us back. Does that sound familiar?

We remember what is was like to learn a few chords and some songs, and to be wondering... is this it? Is there more to the guitar than this? What else can I do? Have you ever had this thought?

We remember watching our favourite guitar players live, or listening to their records and wondering “How do they do that? Why can’t I do that? Will I ever be able to do that?”. We are willing to bet that you have definitely said this to yourself!

We know that there is a right way and a wrong way to learn guitar. The wrong way of learning guitar leaves us feeling uncertain, unsure and frustrated. The wrong way of learning to play guitar leaves you feeling like we outlined above and it does not get us the results that we want. The right way of learning guitar gets us the results that we want, helps us make consistent and steady progress, helps us consistently overcome obstacles that we face in our playing.

The right way of learning guitar is fun, gives us confidence in ourselves and our ability; and gives us certainty that we are learning the right things, the right way at the right time, so that we know we are going to become the guitar player that we want to be. The right way of learning to play guitar ensures that we never experience the above feelings again!

At the West London School of Guitar, we teach you to play guitar the right way. We want to create a fun and enjoyable experience for you, while simultaneously giving you a well structured approach, that is customised to your needs and what you want to do, so that you have confidence and certainty that you are, step by step, becoming the guitar player that you want to be.

When you have a plan that is tailored to your needs, your goals, your learning style and you have someone literally sitting next to you to help you progress through your plan; your achievement is guaranteed

I know that sounds like a big claim. And it is. We do this every single week for dozens of people, who all started out where you are right now.

What do some of our students have to say?

What will we do for you that will make your classes with us so exceptional?

We take teaching guitar very seriously, so that you can have a lot of fun and steadily progress. So how will we help you learn guitar?

When you choose to learn guitar with us, your classes are tailored to what you need, in order for you to become the guitar player that you want to be. We take a complete inventory of where you are currently at with your guitar playing (whether you are a complete beginner, or a more advanced player), not just mechanically with your ability but we also look at what  you understand about how the guitar and music works. Next, we will find out where you want to get to with your guitar playing. Once we know this, we can draw a straight line between those two ‘points’ and place on that line everything that you need to know and need to be able to do; and the order in which you need to do them. When it comes to actually taking classes, we will take each element of what you need to know, and break it down, to make it easy for you to understand. And if you don’t understand it? Then we will find a new way of teaching that piece, customised purely for you, so that we make sure you do understand what we are teaching you, so you can take yourself one step closer to being the guitar player that you want to be. But the process does not stop there:

  • Once you understand it, we will train you on it, to make sure that you can actually play it.
  • Once we have trained you on it, we will show you how to integrate it with your other skills and knowledge, so that you can use it in your guitar playing.
  • Once we have shown you how to integrate it, we will teach you how to apply it, so you don’t just “play by numbers”, but you can play musically, so that you have the ability to adapt what we have taught you to different musical situations.

At each step of this process, we are working at a pace that you are comfortable with. We will only ever work at your ability level, nothing faster, and nothing slower! We will take the time to ensure that you are learning, and we will show you all the patience that you need, while still pushing you appropriately to master the next element of playing the guitar.

We have taught many people just like you, and we already know the mistakes that you are likely to make at each stage of your guitar journey - and how to fix them! We know how to diagnose the problems you are having and properly fix them - you will never be blamed for not being good enough or for not having talent, and we will never say that you should not be playing guitar! We will encourage you, motivate you, and pro-actively help you overcome every single guitar playing problem that you have. We are here to help you become the guitar player that you want to be. We are going to be the people that help you unlock the guitar player inside of you!

What are the benefits to you, of studying with The West London School of Guitar?

  • Lessons are cusomised towards your goals, so that you are always working on things that are relevant to you
  • You learn the right things, the right way, at the right time; so that you progress faster
  • Meet other guitar players, just like you
  • Be part of a fun and friendly group of guitars players all working to improve their skills
  • Receive feedback from a trained instructor who can help you fix the problems that are holding you back
  • Options to learn a variety of skills, including sight reading and song writing
  • Learn how to play all your favourite songs
  • Learn how to play in time with other musicians, so that you can have fun with your guitar playing
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