Mistake 1 – noodling

When you sit down to practice, have a specific objective in mind. Whether it is working on learning some new chords, or a song, or memorising the notes on neck. Be specific about what it is you want to achieve in that session and set about working on it.


Mistake 2 – distracting environment

One of the factors in how fast you progress is your depth of focus when you are practising. If you are in a noisy environment, or are getting interrupted etc., then you will be poorly focussed and you are not going to achieve as much as you could from that session.


Mistake 3 – not scheduling their practice at the start of the week

At the start of the week, schedule out all the times you will practice. This will help you stick to them much easier, ensuring that the practice gets done and you move towards your goals.


Mistake 4 – getting distracted with other resources

It is common for beginners to get carried away and excited, Googling scales / chords that they have been learning, watching a whole bunch of YouTube videos and reading a whole bunch of website… and not getting any practice done. And then also being confused. Your teacher knows what they are doing, and they have a very effective teaching system and strategy for you. Stick with what they tell you to do and you will progress quickly.


Mistake 5 – not looking at their hands

Look at your hands! Make sure they are doing the right thing, at the right time in the right way. You will have plenty of time to playing without looking in the future, but for now, let’s make sure you are getting it right.



These are just a few of the different mistakes that beginner and self-taught guitar players typically make, and part of our teaching strategy is to go through all the typical mistakes with students and make sure that they are aware of them, and how to fix them.