This is a common misconception I see with a lot of potential students. A lot of students (and parents) assume that one on one time with a teacher is the best way for them (or their child) to learn. This misconception has been around for a very long time, but it is not true.

Well, sort of.

It very much depends on two factors:

1. What is the alternative format being offered?
2. How serious is the student?

The alternative to a one-on-one lesson for most teachers is a group class that is effectively a really bad one-on-one lesson. In this scenario, then yes, a one-on-one lesson will be more effective than a class.

But, if the class has been specifically designed so that students within the class can work together, on the same topics, but work at their own level and towards their individual goals; then you will find that a this type of class is much more powerful than the standard one-on-one lesson.

In this type of class environment, students work on multiple skill sets simultaneously as part of the environment. This creates what we call geometric growth in the student’s ability, where they quickly increase in multiple areas, rather than just one. You get to practice actually playing with other students, while still working at your own level. Not only is this a lot of fun, but this helps you become a much better guitar player, much faster.

Fortunately for you, this is the type of class that we run :) Contact us today to find out more.