In order to get better at playing guitar… you have to practice playing guitar!

This is quite a simple and fundamental truth, but it can also be a case of “easier said than done”.

When you get back from a long day at work (or school), sometimes the last thing you want to do is play guitar. You’re tired. You’re a bit stressed. You’re thinking about all the household chores that need to be done.

Those are the days when it is most important to get a bit of practicing done! But how can you practice if you are that demotivated? We need a method for changing your frame of mind so that you can practice on those days.

Take a sheet of paper. Write out the top 3 reasons you have for wanting to learn guitar. Write out a paragraph about what you want to look like, ideally, as a guitar player in 15 years time. Keep this sheet of paper next to your practice materials, and when you are feeling demotivated, give it a quick read.

You will quickly feel inclined to grab your guitar and start doing a bit of practice, and moving yourself in the right direction!