There is quite a lot of different things that you have to learn in order to become a better musician. From spending just 2 minutes brainstorming I came up with the following list:

  • Where the notes go on your fret board
  • How to pick a note on a single string
  • How to move the pick between strings
  • How to strum chords
  • How to move between chords
  • How to mentally process different rhythms
  • How to switch between different strumming patterns and also change chords
  • Different scales
    • major scales
    • pentatonic scales
    • harmonic minor scales
    • melodic minor scales
    • modes of all of the above
    • hirajoshi scales
  • How to change between scales
  • How scales fit over chords
  • Different ornamentation techniques
    • vibrato
    • slides
    • bends
    • pre bends
    • whammy bar technique
  • How to recognise different chord tonalities by ear
  • How to recognise different scales by ear
  • How to recognise different rhythms by ear
  • How to move your hands between rhythm playing and lead playing
  • Finger independence
  • Chord inversions
  • Arpeggios


Now this doesn’t cover all the sub elements of each technique, how to train them, integrate them with each other, apply them in different musical situations, etc. etc.


As I’m sure you are beginning to see, there is a LOT that you need to cover to become a better guitar player.


Have you got a plan for how to cover all of this? I imagine sitting there reading this you are starting to feel quite overwhelmed…


But don’t worry! We do have a plan. We have a simple, effective and coherent way for you to learn all of the different topics, how to be able to apply them in different musical situations all over your guitar neck and integrate them with each other.


We also know the appropriate time to present these different ideas to you. And how best to present them to you so that you understand them.


Studying guitar with us takes something that has the potential to be incredibly difficult… and makes it very simple!


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