This is something that a lot of self taught guitar players get wrong. The ideal way to hold the pick is between the first finger and thumb, in the exact centre of the pick. The thumb should not be hanging over the edge of the pick. You should not be using any additional fingers to help you hold the pick (I know it can feel a bit fiddly to start off with, but you will get used to it quickly).


The fingers on your pick hand should be relatively relaxed and not screwed up into a fist.


Your forearm and wrist should be in a straight line. Your wrist should not be hooked or twisted (see photos)


Check your arm position and how you are holding the pick compared the photos and make any necessary changes to your playing. Alternatively, contact us so we can help you make the changes that you need to make in order to improve your guitar playing.


Here are some photos demonstrating incorrect and correct pick grip:


  1. Here we are incorrectly holding the pick by gripping it in a clenches fist:



  1. Here we are incorrectly holding the pick using two fingers and the thumb:



  1. These two photos demonstrate how we correctly hold the pick between the first finger and the thumb, where the thumb does not go over the edge of the pick:photo-on-01-12-2016-at-16-43-2 photo-on-01-12-2016-at-16-43-5