I see a lot of students. I see even more potential students. One thing I hear from a lot of students (and potential students) is that writing songs “isn’t for them”. A lot of people are under the impression that writing music is some sort of “divine revelation”. This is just not true! But it is definitely true that some people are more creative than others.


So the question is, why are some people creative and others aren’t?


This comes back to what we are consciously thinking about when we are playing. Now, we are all naturally creative, it is part of being human. However… if we are constantly thinking about where our finger has to go, what scale we are playing, what chord is coming next, if you are playing in time or not, how you are going to manage the next transition… you are not going to have any mental capacity to be creative.


So in order to unleash your creativity, we need to push all the basic “mechanics” of what we are doing into your sub-conscious.


There is a second element to being creative too. We need to know the rules for creating specific sounds. By knowing the rules for the musical effect of combining different notes, scales and chords; we know what we can and cannot use to be creative. We get given a short list of things that we know will work, before we play them! This is very cool and incredibly powerful.


We train our students on how to make the mechanics of their playing subconscious, as well knowing the “rules” of music and how they can apply the rule to different situations, so that they can all be creative guitar players, song writers and musicians. It is literally as simple as doing what we tell you to do!