Sooner or later (or constantly!) you are going to come across something with your guitar playing that you find particularly challenging. You may feel like you will never be able to play it properly. You may watch your favourite guitar players and even other people you know play well and you’ll reflect on how easy it appears for them and how hard you are finding it. This can feel really demotivating.


But it shouldn’t. If someone else can play it, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to too.


So why is it easy for someone else and not you?


Because their hands can execute the motions correctly.


So how do we get you from not being able to play it, to playing it without trying?


We have to train your hands to execute the motions accurately.


Isolate small sections, play them slowly, focussing on moving your hands accurately. Don’t speed it up. Build up 100s and 100s of correct repetitions. Then speed it up a little bit. Keep moving your hands accurately. Build up 100s more correct repetitions.


Rinse and repeat. That is how you take something difficult and make it easy.


That is the short version at least :) With our students we go into much more detail with customised exercises and more advanced training techniques, to ensure that they can learn the songs that they want.