One challenge that a lot of beginner – intermediate (even advanced players) face is keeping a strong sense of time. As it happens, this is also something that separates guitar players that sounds great from guitar players that sound like amateurs – how consistent and precise is their timing?


When you are focussing on controlling your chord changes, where the notes in the scale are, is your hand in the right place, why is my arm feeling so tense, etc. etc. etc.; it can be very, very challenging to maintain a good sense of time. Fortunately, we don’t actually need to think about it ourselves!


Every guitar player should be using a metronome to practice with (when appropriate – your instructor will tell you when there are certain things that you should be practising without using a metronome). This helps you make sure you are keeping nicely in time and will dramatically improve the quality of your playing. It is also vital for progressing with your application of rhythm into your playing – figuring out more challenging rhythms (whether it is to strum or to use in a lead melody, or improvisation, or riff, etc.) to a metronome will let you fully integrate them with your other guitar playing skills.


Start using a metronome with your practice today, to instantly improve your playing!