I get contacted by a lot of guitar players who are dismayed that they do not make progress with their guitar playing. Their lack of progress, (or your lack of progress!), always comes down to one of, or combinations of, these three reasons:

  • They are not investing enough time into practising – if you are only playing for 5 minutes a day, you cannot expect to make progress with your guitar playing. This is step 1 – set aside time to practice.
  • They do not know what they should be practising. You’ve set aside some time to practice. That’s awesome! But what is it you should be practising? Chords, scales, rhythm, that song you want to learn; or something else? Having the right item to practice at each stage of your learning journey is vital to getting great results with your guitar playing.
  • They are not focused while practising – if you are watching TV, listening to the radio or doing something else while you are practising, then you aren’t going to make much progress at all. In fact, I wouldn’t even call this practising in the first place! When you are practising, you should be focussed 100% on what you are doing, like a laser beam. This is step 2 – be focussed on practising.
  • While practising, they are not focussed on the right things. Once you are setting aside time to practice, focussing on practice, we need to know which element of practising we should be focussed on. Should it be how we hold the pick? How loud the notes are? Tension in our arm? Something else? Focussing on the right things at the right time will help you improve a lot faster.


We train our students on each of these steps, providing them with the right things to work on, what to focus on while they are practising and training them specifically on how to practice. You can find out more by getting in contact with us.