If I had to make I guess, I would say that you are very good at tying your shoe laces.

Indulge me while you read this:
1. Untie your shoe lace.
2. Tie your shoe lace.

That was pretty easy, right?

Why was that easy? Were you born with some sort of genetic ability to tie your shoe laces really well?

Not at all.

Have you practiced tying your laces over, and over, and over; for decades?


Here is a new question for your to think about:

If you practised guitar, as long and as consistently as tying your shoe laces… would you be as good at guitar as you are at tying your shoe laces?

Now I realise that playing guitar is a significantly more complex task than tying your shoe laces, but hopefully you get my point! By consistently applying ourselves to learning to skill, sooner or later, we accomplish that skill. It is inevitable.

Now there is a second element to this… how important was it to tie your shoe laces? Fairly important. It’s one of those simple skills in life where failure is not an option.

If you were to apply that same ‘necessity’ to improving your guitar playing, would there be chance, if you were really dedicated to it, that you would fail?

Not if you were enrolled with us.

When you combine constant training and application of a skill, with a mental need to accomplish it, you will succeed.