A lot of guitar players are interested in writing their own songs, but don’t believe that it is something that they can do.


Fortunately, writing a song is something that you learn, and is a skill that can be taught, like any other skill.


Here is how we are going to do it. We are going to write a Verse, Chorus and a Bridge (these are different elements of song structure, don’t worry if you do not know what they mean).


Here are the chords you get to choose from:


G       Am   Bm    C       D       Em


Choose 4 of those chords for your Verse.


Choose 4 of those chords for your Chorus.


Choose 2 of those chords for your Bridge.


(the same chord can appear in each section, but try to put it in a different place if you do use it. For example, if you use C as your second chord in the Verse, use it as the first, third or fourth chord in your chorus).


Make sure you have the chords for your Verse, Chorus and Bridge written out on paper in front of you.


Strum the Verse twice, then the Chorus twice, then the Bridge twice, and finish with the Chorus twice again.


You should find, that what you just played sounds like a song :)


Was that difficult? No – that was easy!


Now here is the killer question – why was that easy?


Because I know:

  • The chords that work together
  • The structure to put those chords into


When we teach you how to write your own songs, we will teach you not just examples like we did above, but how to understand the concepts behind the examples, so that you have the freedom to be musically expressive and not only that, but we will teach you how to understand the concepts behind how your favourite artists write their songs, so you can write songs like them too.