Have you ever wondered why some people can play only a few notes and have it sound incredible, and why when you then play a few notes it sounds… mediocre at best?


Have you ever wondered why you can play a lot of notes, and someone playing only a few blows your playing out of the water?


This boils down to the ornamentation that you use in your phrases. Basic ornamentation is built up from:

  • Bends
  • Slides
  • Vibrato


Really great playing involves creating complex combinations of these different elements.


By incorporating these elements into your playing you can really make it scream.


One of the things we do training our students is to make them highly proficient not just at using these elements in their playing, not just at a creating complex integrations of these techniques, but at creatively applying these complex integrations in their playing, to make them highly creative and expressive guitar players.