I’m sure you are already aware of this. If you are not, here is an analogy. When you went to school you were in a class with 20-30 other children. You all had the same teacher. You all had the same books. You were all set the same exercises. But some people did better than others.


By looking at the reasons behind why some people learn faster than others in a classroom, we can uncover some great principles to use with our guitar playing.


Let’s start off by looking at either extreme of the spectrum. You had the smart kids who would just work with whatever they were set, and at the bottom end, the kids that just played around, mucked around and were a general nuisance. They never tried, so they never got very far.


The smart kids had more focus.


Principle 1: Be focussed when you are practising.


What about the kids towards the bottom of the class who weren’t mucking around, but at the same time, did not get very far? They were usually the ones who read the question and then immediately said “I don’t get it”. They gave up before they had even tried!


Principle 2: You won’t get it the first time. Or the second time. Or the third time. But eventually you will get it.


Next, we have the kids in the middle of the class. They are focused, they don’t give up, but still, they aren’t at the top. Why not? This is a higher level problem and you will probably find that they were not focussing on the right things.


Principle 3: To get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions.


You can see that our simple analogy that nearly everyone has experience with has given us some excellent principles that we can apply to our guitar practice to make sure that we are great guitar students. Great students progress the fastest :)